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Hypnotized at Grand Central Station

Today we took an early lunch and headed over to Grand Central to see Nick Cave’s amazing performance piece – Heard NY.  This combines all of our favorite art forms – dance, visual art, music, site specific performance art, creative material … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Improv Theater

Seasoned MFTA shoppers know that meandering through our warehouse aisles leaves one susceptible to discovering unexpected treasures, a wandering imagination, and to thinking outside the box. In this particular case, we’re talking about the black box. Nestled amidst the brick … Continue reading

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Third Thursdays: DIY Fashion Extravaganza workshop with Culture Push’s Michael DiPietro!

Visitors to MFTA since late March have been greeted by a fierce warrior decked out in upcycled fashion. The warrior, a mannequin donated to MFTA by Barneys, shows off fashion created in collaborative workshops led by Michael DiPietro. We are … Continue reading

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Reuse pop-ups at a pop-up

A volunteer/FOMA Board member informed me about a pop-up gallery in Manhattan featuring paper cutouts and shadowboxes. POP UP – POP IN Gallery is a project of Amalgamated Artists, a collection of art works from around the world. The exhibition features … Continue reading

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Masked Marvelous 2011: the deals update

You don’t have tickets to the Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party? The party is this Tuesday, October 18, what are you waiting for? In addition to the entertainment, food and vices, this year’s Masked Marvelous will feature an Artists’ Marketplace, where … Continue reading

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Pallets for your house

  Here’s some work with pallets that would make Bob Ross blush. All of these items take what we usually keep in warehouses and fix them up for the nicest of homes. 1. A pallet shelf [via Debbiedoo’s] 2. A pallet … Continue reading

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DIY: reusing cassette tape cases

No longer jamming to your old Debbie Gibson or Skid Row cassette tapes? We have blogged about reusing cassettes before. This time, reuse guru Danny Seo created this easy (and classy) tissue box using old cassette tape cases. Find this project and … Continue reading

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DIY for kids using recycled materials

Make a boat from corks – great all day activity for all ages [via Jonah Lisa Land] Make a hula-hoop rug using t-shirts–also a great project for school age kids and I am thinking grownups too will dig this too [via Disney Family … Continue reading

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Upcycled computer keyboards

Look at some of these cool projects from Perepetual Kid. I found them through The Junk Wave, a program in Australia where they teach students sustainability, business and craft.

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Upcycling Fashion

Here are some upcycling ideas to transform your wardrobe.  You should aways try to re-purpose an item of clothing instead of recycling it or throwing it out. If you absolutely can’t wear it anymore, then how about cutting it up and making a project out of … Continue reading

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