At MFTA every day is Earth Day!

At the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop farm in LIC. Steps away from MFTA!

At the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop farm in LIC. Steps away from MFTA!

What do Earth Day and Materials for the Arts have in common?  Everything!  Reusing , recycling, rethinking, sustainable best practices and general love of this planet we call home are all part of our mission.  Creative reuse activities abound at Materials for the Arts all year long – from workshops for students and professionals, to in-school residencies, to our Third Thursday Open Studios to the glorious work creatively constructed by our thousands of recipients.  Here is a list of some of the activities that we are participating in during Earth ‘Week’:

From RRR book

From RRR book

Apropos to today’s theme, we received this book as a donation. Identifying themselves as an international group of talented friends, they’ve created a collection of recycled art. This is what their intro page says: “We make waste for a living. So now we’re gonna make waste live….look around your environment, see what you can save, pick it up, turn it over, and look at it in a different way…”

Clip from Wasteland

Clip from Wasteland

We encourage you to do the same. Look around your environment. How can you do your part to make the earth a little better?

Some ideas for inspiration:


No Impact Man

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

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