Lions in the warehouse!


Don’t worry, they weren’t real lions – they were students from Columbia University’s student group Columbia Community Outreach (CCO)On Saturday, April 6, a group of 15 students volunteered at MFTA as part of their annual day of service. Every spring, CCO organizes a student-led day of volunteering during which over 1,000 students, faculty, staff, and alumni head out into neighborhoods all over the city and spend the day working together with community members and non-profit organizations like MFTA. We are proud to have taken part in this year’s day of service.


The group of 15 students who came to MFTA split up into smaller teams to sort and stock a multitude of donated items in the warehouse: hats, beads, trim, rubber bands, light bulbs, and fabric. They also helped out with one of our most popular group volunteer tasks: opening, labeling and sorting cans of paint. The students also enjoyed hearing more about what we do at MFTA. As you can tell, a lot was accomplished in a short amount of time. Overall, the day was a great success. Thanks again Columbia University!


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