Spring volunteering at MFTA gets a boost from Jumpstart


If you shopped at MFTA this week, you probably noticed that our fleet of shopping carts was much easier to steer. You can thank Jumpstart for that! Last Friday, a group of eager volunteers from Jumpstart came to MFTA to help us out for the day. Like the students from Birmingham-Southern College the week before, this program offers an alternative spring break for its corps members to give back to the community while out of school. They spent most of the day giving our carts a little TLC. Working in an assembly line, the group cleared masses of threads that had tangled into little nests snared in the wheels and gave the carts a thorough wipe down. After lunch, they sorted boxes upon boxes of trim (a popular group activity at MFTA).


The 22 college students who came to MFTA last week are just a small fraction of the 816 Jumpstart corps members in the tri-state area. This branch of the program serves more than 2,000 preschool children from low-income neighborhoods in New York City. In addition studying at one of 15 local partner colleges, corps members work to close the education gap for help these young children by helping develop their language and literacy skills before they head to kindergarten.


If you have a group that is interested in setting up a special community service project, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Elizabeth Masella at emasella@mfta.nyc.gov or 718-729-2047.

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