Salvaged Sounds Jam Session with Louie Miranda

Louie Miranda making an instrument

Louie showing a reuse string instrument (complete with amp)

The coolest place to be in NYC last night was not the rink at Rock Center or the Ear Bar in Tribeca. It was the art studio at Materials for the Arts for our monthly Third Thursday open studio. Last night, under the melodious hand of Lou Miranda, 25 folks from all walks of life joined together  for this free two hour musical instrumental making workshop.  

BLOG 2.22.2

Preparing materials for Salvaged Sound Instrument

Everyone learned how to turn rubber bands into violin strings, discarded aluminum bins into xylophones, and Styrofoam crates into amps. Attendees were excited to use beads, spools, nails, and other odds and ends to create their instruments. After an hour of assembling rain sticks from cardboard tubes and percussion instruments from hollow vessels, the group was ready to jam. With Louie leading the way, participants beat and strummed through a series of songs. From Deep Purple to the Beatles, everyone joined in as Louie played his guitar and sang.

Reuse/Upcycle instrument making

Reuse/Upcycle instrument making

New visitors to Materials for the Arts got the chance to tour our warehouse, and then returned to their instruments to participate in a musical medley. By the end of the night, everyone was pumped and  thrilled to have been part of the fun that was the Salvaged Sounds jam night with Louie Miranda and the MFTA team. Check out our video clip below and get swept away in the fun.


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