Art and reuse at CCNS Glenwood Senior Center

Art exhibit6

Janelle St. Hill, Program Manager at Catholic Charities Neighborhood ServicesGlenwood Senior Center, recently sent us pictures of some fantastic projects created by local seniors. An MFTA recipient since 2009, the center offers a variety of resources to seniors in Brooklyn’s Glenwood neighborhood, from low-cost meals and counseling services, to dance and art classes, to performances and parties.


The center’s knitting and crocheting class created a vibrant, tactile tapestry from burlap bags and fabric. The seniors cut the fabric into strips and sewed it onto the burlap bag. The intricate stitching was no easy feat – the project took a year to complete!

Art exhibit3

Janelle also sent pictures of a project from this past summer. As part of a pilot program with the Brooklyn Arts Council, the center was able to have a ceramics teacher come in  and teach seniors how to shape clay and fire a kiln. These colorful cups are a result of that class. Glenwood Center also hosted an art exhibition that included tiles and frames from Material for the Arts.

Cups in pile

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Janelle!

If you would like to share a recent project, please send photos and a brief description to Elizabeth Masella.

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