Olek – The End Is Far


Olek installing a crocheted dress at MFTA (August 2012)

Olek, the artist who crocheted the Charging Bull sculpture in the Financial District, presents The End Is Far, a solo exhibition at Johnathan Levine Gallery opening February 23 and on view for one month. Olek described the exhibition as “my most challenging and involving show…Pink, gold and silver, skulls, skeletons, bottles, grapes and mermaids will welcome you.” Having crocheted a parking meter, a Volkswagen Beetle, and bicycles, we can’t wait to see what she’s created.

The crocheted environment before it was installed

The crocheted environment before it was installed

Visitors to the warehouse can check out Olek’s work, including a crochet environment installation and two dresses created from MFTA trim and salvaged materials, which she has generously loaned to inspire recipients and students.

The End Is Far, a solo exhibition by Olek at Jonathan Levine Gallery, will be on view from February 23 to March 23. The gallery is located on the 9th floor of 529 West 20th Street in Manhattan.

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