How many ways can something be reused or repurposed? Here at MFTA we talk a lot about appropriation, transformation, reuse, and disposal. Whether it’s a CD case transformed into a clock, a plastic container morphed into a puppet, records built to become a windmill, tiles turned to mosaics, paper sculpted into a hat, or a flower or a notepad… Imagination is an integral part of our process too. While we work hard to keep things out of the landfill and constantly rethink reuse, we understand that at some point everything runs its life cycle. Throwing things away makes room for replenishment and with that, comes new possibilities.

As we bid farewell to this past year, we take this opportunity to ruminate on a similar ritual of cycles and the new beginnings it inspires.

Looking back on 2012, we’re proud to say that Materials for the Arts (MFTA) diverted over 1.2 million pounds of materials valued at $5.1 million to 1,873 non-profit organizations that includes 669 public schools! Looking forward to 2013, we hope to exceed our own numbers, while working with artists and teachers as they use the new year to create new curricula, new agendas, new work!

Setting goals provides meaning, purpose and intention. The journey is the destination.  Wishing you all a productive, healthy, fulfilling new year. We’ll see you in LIC.

We wanted to share some of our MFTA staff’s new year’s resolutions with you:

“…To get new volunteers involved at MFTA so we can put even more great stuff on the shelves than we did this year.  I also resolve to continue promoting recycling and creative reuse at work and in my personal life.”

“…Love every minute of the day and remember life is not a burden it’s a blessing!”

“…Carving out the time I need to take care of myself—including making more art and exercising regularly.”

“…Making sure there’s Half & Half in the kitchen every week!”

“…Doubling our donor base. Challenging our donors to have their friends donate.”

“…More plants in the warehouse!”

“…Saying a thank you before meals – for the farmer, the earth and the animals.”

Last but certainly not least, GIGI says “Less attitude, more gratitude!”


Imagewindmill w fanImage

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