Holiday help from Bank of America

The group works on the display

The group works on the display

Last Thursday, we got some more volunteer help from Bank of America. We were visited by the Alternative Investments Division back in September. Last week, we happily hosted three eager volunteers from the Ultra High Net Worth Segment Marketing Division. As part of Bank of America’s year-round mission to encourage all employees give back to their communities, this sector set up several dates when staff could volunteer at local organizations during the holiday season. Our volunteers for the morning–Amy, Licet, and Dean–started out with a tour and introduction to MFTA, then headed into the warehouse to get to work. They started out by displaying a large donation of crayons, followed by some work in the paper room. After that, they sorted a bin of sewing tools. Thank you to Amy, Licet, and Dean for all of your hard work!

Crayons ready for the taking!

Crayons ready for the taking!

Elizabeth, Dean, Amy and Licet

Elizabeth Masella, Dean Gilroy, Amy Di Domenico and Licet Diaz after a morning of hard work

If you would like to set up a group volunteering or team building event, please contact Elizabeth Masella at or (718) 729-2047.

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