Giving Thanks

In a Thanksgiving spirit, we are thankful for the many donors who always keep the MFTA Nation in mind. Special thanks to October and early November donors who made our warehouse look like a treasure chest:

  • Metalliferous, one of the biggest beads and crafts suppliers, donated 5 bins of fabric and 5+ pallets of trimmings and notions.
  • Coach continues to support MFTA with a donation of quality leather scraps. The multiple uses for them shown by our recipients has been incredibly inspiring!
  • Google donated 41 chairs and 11 tables to MFTA, perfect for a sleek and neat space. Google is so happy about MFTA’s services, that they have partnered to give us donations regularly. Yay Google!
  • MFTA always loves a cool item, like Poppin’s recent donation of giant light boxes.
  • Paper donors have been extra generous this month, and our recipients smiles have never been bigger. Special thanks to: Applause Printing, Karr Graphics, NY Display & Die Cutting Corp, and Sloane Design.
  • Remember that ruled handwriting practice paper with the dotted lines that you used to learn how to write on elementary school? We have it! To be exact, we have around 26 pallets of it. All thanks to Barclay School Supply who has been extremely generous in providing all types of writing papers.
  • We LOVE Marc Jacobs’s October donation! Their trims, notions, fabrics, buttons, and goodies filled our hearts with joy.
  • 360 Design Events not only donated many of the props used for our annual fundraiser, but also made tons of items available for our recipients to take. Thanks 360!
  • VISA Inc donated for their second time this year and they love us! Their donation of quality furniture items makes it easy for our member recipients to make their programming better.
  • What would our paper section be without Landmark Preservation’s foam core donation? This month they donated 10 bins worth of foam core. They rule!
  • Cambridge in America donated 500+ seat cushions. We’re sure that many tooshies in NYC were very happy with this donation.
  • Society of Illustrator’s donation of, well, a little bit of everything was essential for our groups. From art crates to furniture, these items were a hit amongst our recipients.
  • Raydoor, our Greenpoint neighbors, called once again with their awesome donation of Plexiglas. Yes yes and yes! Thanks Raydoor.
  • Shout out to our individual donors who continuously donated to MFTA: Bettina Cirone, Rosale Contino, Mira Rosen, Joy Brown, Dr. Kaley, John Mason, Hallie Overman. Thanks y’all!
  • We are deeply thankful for the many New Yorkers that wanted to donate disaster relief items after Hurricane Sandy. While we are continuing to take items that fit our normal parameters, we were incredibly inspired by people’s efforts to help their fellow New Yorkers.
  • We also want to thank the many donors who are doing all they can to make their scheduled donations get to MFTA even when they are currently suffering from Sandy’s aftermath such as power outages, flooding, and other damages. Some noticeable donors are: M&J Trimming, Christopher Norman Collection, HUGE LLC, Daegis, and Paramount Productions (Noah).

MFTA recipient “HERE” takes fabrics donated by Marc Jacobs for their next production of unconventional art.

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