Bank of America gives us a hand

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On September 13 and 14, MFTA hosted 60 volunteers from Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s alternative investments division. Bank of America encourages all of its employees to give back throughout the year. We were happy to be chosen by this office for their first team building day. While working together on their teamwork skills and getting to know each other better, the group also made a huge impact on our warehouse by lending us dozens of extra helping hands.

We started off each day with a brief introduction to MFTA and a tour of the warehouse, after which the group broke up into small teams. Over the two days they spent with us, they unloaded nine palettes stacked with trim and ribbon, re-stocked our paint room, bagged several bins of confetti and hundreds of beads, and painted a dozen pedestals for our gallery exhibitions! In total, they contributed more than 120 amazing hours to our warehouse. That’s almost a month’s worth of work!

After lunch, the group flexed their creative muscles to create collaborative mosaics using old record albums, beads, buttons, and trim. Working in pairs, the Bank of America volunteers created fun different projects using items from our warehouse. Look out for these great projects on display in our classrooms and warehouse, where we still have plenty of records and buttons.

We rely on the participation of enthusiastic volunteers like Bank of America to keep MFTA and its programs running. If you’re planning a corporate community service or team-building day, we are happy to host you. Please contact Elizabeth Masella for more details.

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