The recycle circle

Before Craigslist and Freecycle, before the advent of the internet allowed for e-commerce, MFTA has had a service that linked people who had things with people who needed things.  On Direct Donations (DD) donors can create a post on-line and recipients can contact them directly for a pick-up. MFTA acts as the intermediary, bringing the two together, while minimizing our collective carbon footprint. By cultivating this type of community, MFTA supporters can interact with one another face to face, while maintaining room inside our warehouse for other donations.

Photo credit: Bartram Nason

In the late 1980’s leaders at the Department of Sanitation recognized the important work MFTA was doing in the field of reuse and as part of the City’s 25 year Solid Waste plan, they funded MFTA through their Waste Prevention, Reuse, and Recycling bureau. In 1997 the Department of Education added support, allowing MFTA to give teachers access to free materials, helping in the restoration of arts education and leveling the playing field for all New York City public schools.

Photo credit: Bartram Nason

Fast forward to 2010. PS 290 in Queens  was the recipient of some very high quality furniture, through a direct donation made by Project Control Group, Inc., a project management company that offers support to corporations and developers who are moving or converting properties. Principal Mieaisa Harris along with her staff and students lovingly used the desks, chairs, bookcases, and credenza but recently found that with the school’s growth, they no longer had the space for some of the items.  In an “MFTA” spirit they re-donated it to the Department of Sanitation where it will occupy some offices in the Brooklyn North unit of the agency.  This is just one example of how the cycle of donations keeps on giving.

Photo credit: Bartram Nason

So if you have items that still have a life after your production, installation or when your school outgrows it, you can list these on DD so another needy group can make use of them! For more information contact

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