Upping the cycle of reuse

MFTA member Artfully Unforgotten (AU), is a collective of artists and activists on a mission to build community through collaborative art projects. Their latest partnerships include Sure We Can, a recycling facility, and Musgo, a food justice group, to create a community garden, The Recyclers’ Urban Farm & Garden,  in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The project serves to strengthen neighborhood relationships, promote food access and food justice and to foster the power of creativity to raise awareness. Kirsten Larvick, AU’s Executive Director told us that “in addition to successfully harvesting delicious, healthy food, the groups have also used repurposed, salvaged and disposable materials, transforming it into art and making it a useful space—an extension of (their) commitment to finding healthier and more sustainable ways of living in the midst of our vast city.”

According to Larvick, “along with tons of vegetables and plants…we have also built a greenhouse to ensure that this venture can continue during the colder months…as well as a chicken coop for the six hens we received as a donation from the Peter Maurin Farm in Marlborough, NY.  We are proud to say that the chickens are happy and healthy and didn’t even skip a beat in terms of laying eggs, which often happens when there’s a change of habitat…”

Artfully Unforgotten artists and volunteers show off their hand-made wind-chimes made from materials donated by MFTA

The donations from Materials for the Arts will be featured in the garden. In collaboration with children from the Brooklyn Latin School the group plans to explore creative ways to “up-cycle”– using everyday items as the basis for art projects, whether they are aurally or visual-arts based.  We look forward to seeing their creativity come to life!

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