Counting on the arts

Math is all over the airwaves these days as experts talk about the relevancy of algebra and why so many of our students drop out of math classes.  At MFTA we love Math.  Without numbers, we would not be able to keep the statistics we do on the value and weight of our donations, how many people come shopping, how many transactions occur over the year.  In our Education Department we are planning on offering a PD (professional development) class incorporating STEM with an A – STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math!!!!

Weaving projects are a hands-on way to introduce or reinforce math concepts like measurement and pattern. This weaving project uses a cardboard box and free trim items from the MFTA warehouse (Image: Barbara Korein)

Last week we hosted a group of interns from Crowe Horwath Public Accounting Firms, one of the top ten accounting firms in the U.S. The group was college seniors and graduates all majoring in accounting. Needless to say, these kids are really good at math! Before being selected as interns they went through two rounds of interviews and chose their city of interest.

Crowe Horwath designated Friday, July 27th as their national volunteer day for interns. Through a search via New York Cares the group landed at MFTA. Lucky for us!

Crowe Horwath interns wearing a different hat while they volunteer at MFTA!

Alex Pang, one of the interns who also organized the day told us “this was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, especially outside of the office environment, and we did. We were told that it will be difficult to volunteer in NYC because of waiting lists and pre-registrations. We wanted to show that it was possible.”

Expressing surprise at the scope of “cool stuff” to be found at MFTA, one volunteer reflected upon all the items he hadn’t thought could be recycled and noted “it’s so much more than just plastic water bottles…”

Someone else shared that “the extent of re-use going on at MFTA is impressive”, adding “a lot of my teachers would have loved this stuff when I was in school!”

When asked how volunteering as a group at MFTA impacted the team, Alex told us that “working in an arts environment is definitely more relaxing, and certainly more fun…the biggest take away from this experience is that one person’s garbage is another’s treasure… and the importance of volunteering. I’m sure this will inspire us to donate and volunteer more in the future.”

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