Maple Grove: Not just a cemetery!

Image credit: Carl Ballenas

Ever think you’d be able to see a puppet show in a cemetery? At Maple Grove Cemetery you can do just that, and more. Earlier this week, Carl Ballenas at Friends of Maple Grove (an MFTA recipient since 2009) in Kew Gardens, Queens sent me some great pictures from a recent puppet workshop held at the Center at Maple Grove. On June 9, following a three-day class, eight students performed two skits that they wrote themselves, using puppets created from discarded toys and some embellishment. Fabric from MFTA was crafted into elegantly draped curtains by Friends of Maple Grove board member Cequyna Moore, which you can see below. For more pictures, visit the event’s page on Friends of Maple Grove’s website.

Image credit: Carl Ballenas

In addition to the puppet workshop, the Center at Maple Grove plays host to Friends of Maple Grove’s many events, from science workshops for kids and adult painting classes to jazz concerts and even a Victorian tea party. The facility also serves a place where people can gather to honor loved ones or hold family reunions. The surrounding Maple Grove Cemetery boasts 65 acres of green space, walking paths, and many species of wild life. Talk about creative reuse: a cemetery that serves as a gathering place, public park, and community center!

The Center at Maple Grove. Photo credit: Carl Ballenas

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