DIY project: CD calendar

CD Calendar Stand

With the rise in popularity of portable gadgets that have more than one function (my phone can play music, take pictures, do math, etc.), people have basically stopped using CDs–not to mention cassette tapes and records. Instead of throwing obsolete items away, or letting them collect dust, you can transform the CD cases into something you can use once again! Within five minutes you can create a picture or calendar stand that can adorn your desk or house. Many people will have the materials for this project around the house, and MFTA recipients can gather materials from our warehouse, which is filled to the brim with paper and CDs! I gathered one CD case and a manila folder and set to work!

Click for instructions to create your very own calendar stand using a CD case and scrap paper.

Step 1: Take apart your CD case. Hold on to the paper insert for now.

Step 2: Gut the CD case (the CD, the inserts, and the backing that actually holds the CD in place).

Step 3: Now gently separate the two sides of the CD case. Then place the back of the CD case face down on a table, as seen above, and snap the front of the case back on, but the opposite way that is was attached before.The CD case cannot close now, but the top cover should be able to stand up with ease.

Step 4: Use any scrap paper you have that is easy on the eyes. I am using an old filing folder.

Step 5: Trace the CD insert on the paper you are using. This saves you time and allows you to skip the step of measuring with a ruler!

Step 6: Decorate! I love keeping track of days and so I made a calendar that I can use on my desk.

Step 7: Slip the image into the CD case. Tada! You have now reused your old CD case and given it a new purpose! You can also place pictures, to do lists, or goals instead of the calendar-it all depends on your needs.

Hope you get to reuse all those CD cases you have!

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