Make this! DIY CD cube display case instructions

This DIY project shows you how to create a CD cube display–a perfect way to organize cluttered work spaces and show off your favorite knickknacks or art projects. By creatively re-using your old CD cases, you can easily and inexpensively create a long-lasting display for your images, pictures, posters, tools, or other materials.

If you have some CD cases around, you’re well on your way to a new (to you) display!

In order to make your very own square display case you will need four CD cases. Many people have old CD cases around and MFTA recipients  can schedule appointments to grab some from our warehouse.

Step 1:  Cut out an old poster or a unique print that you would want to use to decorate your cube display. I merely eyeballed the dimensions, but if you want you can measure yours to fit, approximately 4.75 inches wide by 4.71 inches high.

Step 2: Gut the CD cases (the CD, the inserts, and the backing that actually holds the CD in place). Separate the interior of the case from the outside gently, so you don’t break the small prongs.

Step 3: Now you will invert the CD case as seen above. In order to do this, flip the back cover so now it is facing outside. By snapping back the pieces together as so, the CD case will be sturdy at a 90 degree angle. Continue doing this for all the CD cases you have. Make as many inverted cases as you want, but you need to use at least four inverted cases to make the first–or maybe the only–level of your display.

Step 4: Put in place the images you want on one side of the cube. Take one of the inverted cases that you have made in Step 3 and snap it into another inverted case as shown above, this is how you make a corner piece. You have to make at least two corner pieces to move onto Step 5.

Step 5: Now take two of your corner pieces from Step 4 and snap them together. If you don’t hear a snap or if you want to make your project more durable, add tape or glue along the connecting edges.

Step 6: And now you are done! If this project feels like it has potential to be something even bigger, try it out! You can glue a piece of cardboard on the bottom and transform the case into a pencil holder, or if not you can try stacking them up on another to make a vase/totem pole of some sort. The sky is the limit!

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