What’s new with Jason Wu

Wu gown at MFTA warehouse. Courtesy of Fashion Center BID

If you have visited the MFTA warehouse in the last two years, you may have seen this fabulous mannequin that was part of the Fashion Center BID’s 2010 Sidewalk Catwalk event.  The mannequin’s dress was designed by Jason Wu with materials that actually came from MFTA – the wall covering dress and industrial belting elegantly finished off with a flower from the craft aisle.  We are proud to showcase our own indoor/outdoor mannequin in a one of kind Jason Wu design a la MFTA.  Mr Wu has created clothing for First Lady Michelle Obama, a budget priced line for Target and is now launching a contemporary line called Miss Wu.

While the costumes and clothing made from MFTA materials may not end up in high end stores, the wide variety of fabrics and trim from M&J trimMood, Victoria’s Secret and the Jay Company help our recipients keep their productions fresh and full of fashion.  Thanks to our generous donors and good luck to Jason Wu!

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