Creative reuse around the country, and beyond

Photo credit: Christopher Fennell,

We always like to hear what our recipients are up to, and we really enjoy getting e-mails from across the city, country, and globe. People send us photos, links, and inspiring messages about the creative reuse work of educators and artists, from the locally known to wildly popular. Recently, we heard from Cat Gund of Aubin Pictures, a not-for-profit documentary media company focused on arts and culture, sexuality and gender, reproductive health and rights, and other social justice issues. Cat and crew are in London working on a project called “HOW TO BECOME AN EXTREME ACTION HERO,” a documentary about choreographer Elizabeth Streb – whose STREB Lab for Action Mechanics (S.L.A.M.) is also an MFTA recipient. Streb has been called the Evel Knievel of dance.

Photo credit: Christopher Fennell,

Cat thought of us when she recently saw this great photo of a 2009 project from Atlanta which says it all when it comes to reuse and repurposing. Artist Christopher Fennell created the exterior of this bus shelter from the shells of three decommissioned school buses and added seating from a city bus.

Photo credit: Christopher Fennell,

If you’re out and about and see a great creative reuse project or artwork, send us some pictures and tell us about it. We enjoy hearing about creative reuse in action, both locally and globally!

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