Volunteer Spotlight: ARLENE

Arlene in our book & paper room

While in the past we’ve featured volunteers, we have decided to make it more official by creating a Volunteer Spotlight. It’s our way of officially expressing our gratitude while introducing you to the people who help keep our warehouse in tip-top shape!  Their contributions are invaluable. We wholeheartedly appreciate their diligence, dedication and willingness to roll up their sleeves!

In this month’s Volunteer Spotlight: ARLENE

How long have you been volunteering with MFTA? 3 years

What makes you keep coming back? MFTA is a celebration of texture, color and found objects

The staff is great…Recipients are fun…The music rocks!

It puts me in touch with my artistic side—I am a refugee from the finance world!

As an Astoria native, it’s a very convenient location 

More from Arlene: “One of the things I love about MFTA is the paper and book room. We get some amazing historical documents…Playbills, music scores, magazines and other collectibles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. They make the warehouse a museum…as well as a great place for free stuff.” 

If you have some time to join MFTA’s volunteer community, and like Arlene, want to pique your creative side, contact Elizabeth Masella at emasella@mfta.nyc.gov

A piñata created by MFTA board member and treasured volunteer, Barbara Korein. Made out of a lantern, and covered with paper from our book and paper room.

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