What do coffee filters and tie-dye have in common?

Quietly nestled between fabulous boxes of M&J trim, bins of jewel cases and stacks of old slide carousels, are piles of coffee filters that have found their way to our LIC warehouse.  Soft and airy, their symmetry and translucency makes it hard to believe they exist for the sole purpose of making coffee! (and I am a coffee lover!)

Some MFTA recipients have found inspiration in these filters as beautiful objects with a more expansive purpose. Incorporating them into math lessons about quadrants, lines of symmetry and notions of division, Debra Zichichi of PS 96 Joseph Lanzetta, in Manhattan, shared her approach with us:  By folding the filter into equal quadrants and locating the lines of symmetry the students can observe the mirrored or repeated images they paint. To simplify this idea Zichichi has also used paper napkins and markers. Next year she told us that she will recreate the project with 2nd graders using the filters as color wheels. They will fold and paint their designs using complementary colors.

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

Share your symmetry projects with us!  For inspiration see: rotational, vertical, line symmetry. Email submissions to: mchester@mfta.nyc.gov

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