Thank you, June donors!

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At MFTA, donations make our world go round! We received (literally) tons of donations this month. Here are just a few of the generous donors who gave us all kinds of great items in June:

  • We are glad that Patricia Burnham keeps giving us household donations at least once a week!
  • Housing Works Bookstore donated pallets of vinyl records, from classical and opera to funky beats and disco.
  • New donor Advanstar came in strong with all sorts of goodies including large metal trash cans, fabric, lighting, and props.
  • Who do we love? PMD Promotion! They made a second donation of Broadway posters this month.
  • We recently got involved with The Entrepreneur’s Space: Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen who are our LIC neighbors. They donated bags, household items, and lots of building supplies.
  • Law firm Akin Gump made a donation of computers, laptops, keyboards, mouse units, and Ethernet cords.
  • The Guggenheim Museum gave MFTA 18 rolls of felt that weighed almost half a ton!
  • It’s a good day when we get frames, framing supplies, and mat boards from Rhonda Feinman Custom Frames! We received a whole truck load of these items.
  • Bruce Teleky & Elaine Friedlauder have chosen MFTA as the receiver of thousands of art prints. They love the thank-you letters and the idea of making high-quality art available to many audiences in NYC.
  • Marc Jacobs’s staff has been extremely amazing in spreading the word within their own company about MFTA, and this month we did two pickups or more than 2,000 pounds worth of fabric.  We have scheduled another pick up for July so be on the lookout for these fine fabrics.
  • Our friends at Google donated more of their furniture. This time it was foldable tables and stackable chairs. Go Google!
  • With paper being one of our most requested items at the warehouse, a shout-out must be made to the Whitney Museum of American Art for their donation of 68 boxes of brand new paper.
  • David Beahm Design, who have been donors since 2004, are filling up a full truck load of fabrics. Go DBD!
  • An onsite shopping was organized at the Frick Collection where 179 theatre chairs were distributed to 3 different organizations!
  • Ooo la la! Victoria’s Secret is donating to us. Our fabric section is looking good!
  • Condé Nast’s Vanity Fair is making a donation of many bulletin boards and white boards.

If you took some of these things home with you, we’d love to see what you did with them. If you’d like to donate to MFTA, please contact Donations Coordinator Antonio Pontón-Núñez by email or at (718) 729-2065.

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