Goodbye to Kevin

From Executive Director Harriet Taub:

We love the work of the Public Art Fund. It is always bold, cutting edge, and so New York.  Every Tuesday they challenge their Twitter followers to respond to a series of questions with the promise of some Public Art Fund loot with #TriviaTuesday.

We are happy to report that @mftanyc was one of four winners of their recent Twitter challenge. We congratulate Kevin and Nat our amazing bloggers and social media experts who have kept the MFTA blog current, super informative, and something to be proud of.

On that note, Kevin is leaving MFTA and heading off to join the Peace Corps with an assignment in Togo, West Africa. Kevin started working with us as an intern when he was at NYU. He proved to be such a valuable member of our team that we scrambled to keep him on and eventually we were able to hire him for a year as our Communications Specialist. If you have been to the warehouse, you have met Kevin at check in. He may have asked you what your group was working on and tweeted about you. He has been a great voice for MFTA and we will miss him. We recently did a spotlight on Kevin for our monthly newsletter to our Friends of MFTA board.

Here are some fun facts about Kevin:

Age: 23
Hometown: Smithtown, Long Island
What did you study in school?: Sociology, with a minor in Politics
What is an interesting place you have lived/visited?: Spent a year abroad in Berlin
What are your favorite food(s)?: Milkshakes from Foodswings in Williamsburg
Favorite book(s)/movie(s): Book: The Hobbit Movie: Up
What first attracted you to MFTA?: The beautiful staff
What’s your favorite part about working for MFTA?: It’s a fun environment
What are some of your hobbies?: Yoga, video games, photography
What is one life goal that you have?: To go into space…

We wish Kevin the best of luck on his adventures. May you make it to space one day.

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One Response to Goodbye to Kevin

  1. Adél says:

    Enjoy Togo!

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