Roof of the World in a New York City public school

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Lynette from PS 98 in Manhattan sent these wonderful photos of a Rooftop of the World project. She and her students made the project using fabric from our warehouse after taking one of our “P” in-service credit classes. Here is her explanation of the project:

The flags offer movement from the wind – fluttering and flapping of colorful intention flags – with windsong. As the sunlight dims from a cloud, plane, bird etc., the shadows along with the movement and sound is fantastic. It actually takes my breathe away watching the children play and reading, looking “Up, up there”… [I] loved  watching them dancing on the playground  with the wind and colorful cloths. This is a simple project with lasting depth.

Standing underneath, above – whatever perspective – offers a refreshing moment. Every window in the school has a moving show of their work. They are looking out and up and know that within they have offered up an intention. I feel the connection to Nepal here…

It’s a very beautiful description to accompany a very beautiful project. I love how the cloths are even adorned with positive messages. Through the pictures I can tell that the project provides a wonderful energy for the entire school.

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