Green Inspired Art

Two hours spent developing communication and improving professional cognitive skills may sound like the makings of a dry seminar, but not when art is involved! Green Inspired Art is an exciting challenge that brings together teams from different businesses for art-making with unconventional, reused materials from–guess where–Materials for the Arts. The last challenge brought together teams from Tekserve, Goldman Sachs (MFTA donors), and Fishs Eddy at MFTA recipient Museum of Arts and Design. Harriet and John from MFTA joined MAD’s curator of exhibitions, Dorothy Globus, to judge the finished pieces. Check out more pictures and Harriet’s perspective after the jump.

Since this Green Inspired Art event was held two days before Earth Day, the theme was to create artwork about the environment. When pulling materials for the teams to use, we chose lots of paper and paper products with a few toy cars, floral wire, and double stick tape thrown in.

The teams worked furiously for almost two hours and the results were inspiring.  One of the Tekserve teams created two globes with die cut cardboard pieces, the “Good” and the “Bad” earth.  Their other team created a Calder-like homage to the earth with animals and plants atop water and earth.

The first Goldman Sachs team created a huge bin filled with everything recyclable and surrounded it with flowers and grass made from cardboard and wallpaper.

The second Goldman team used bamboo wallpaper, rubber bands, and under-wires from Victoria’s Secret to create a world of ocean, land, and sky.

The Fishs Eddy team had a perfect and not so perfect world complete with green trees, fish, deforestation, and desert.  All of the pieces are now on display in the cases outside the education center’s classrooms at MAD. Do stop by to take a look.

Green Inspired Art is an outgrowth of the Arts & Business Council of New York’s basic mission — creating partnerships between the business and nonprofit arts communities of New York City, to learn more, click here. All images by Ted Roeder for Green Inspired Art.

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One Response to Green Inspired Art

  1. These images are WONDERFUL! The car on fire is my absolute favorite. Thanks again to MFTA and the Arts & Business Council for a great afternoon.

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