A reuse Van Gogh

Hannah from wonderful MFTA volunteer group New York Cares shared this photo of a reuse version of Van Gogh’s famous The Starry Night. Here are Hannah’s words explaining how the famous post-impressionist painting became a reuse mural:

We started by spray painting Van Gogh’s Starry Night onto a piece of screen that we got from MFTA that we put on top of a piece of canvas. We then cut the screen into 6 rectangles to make it easier for the volunteers to work on.  All the materials were separated into piles according to color and we supplied glue, needle & thread, and Velcro as means of attaching the different materials. The volunteers were instructed to choose materials according to the color on the screen and attach them securely. The volunteers loved choosing which material to use and they were proud of how it turned out!

Now completed, the mural will be donated to a school for blind children. New York Cares has been coming to MFTA for years now to volunteer, so it’s great to see them use our materials as well. Reuse murals are a great way to use many of the smaller items from the warehouse, and the student volunteers did a great job!

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