Moody Masks from Millenium Art Academy

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Laura Blau from Millennium Art Academy in the Bronx sent these photos from a project she did with high school students. She recently used items from the warehouse in a historical and cultural art project in which students created masks from their own faces. After sculpting the mold, students painted, glued, and collaged in this mixed media project. They used paper, beads, trim, and craft items to decorate the masks and to express their creativity. I am really impressed with the diversity and the emotions displayed in the masks.

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2 Responses to Moody Masks from Millenium Art Academy

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  2. Edi Diaz says:

    Wow, great work of art. My son has been placed in this school for next year’s freshman class and I’ve been having doubts about him going to a public high school. I’m trusting that coming upon this post is an indication that we’ve made the right decision.

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