The First Lunch & Learn at MFTA

Last Friday, March 23, we hosted our first Lunch & Learn here at MFTA. While we have always offered tours to interested visitors, we decided to create an event specifically for our materials donors. As our donors are very generous, we thought we could give them a tour, discuss the breadth of items we accept that they may currently have but don’t think to donate, highlight a few ways their donations are used, and offer a little food to thank them for coming out to Queens. Over a delicious lunch of spanakopita and Greek salad from our local deli, Executive Director Harriet Taub explained and answered questions about our program. We were pleased to host Mohini, Brooke, and Rebecca from Phillips Van Heusen, a large donor of fabric and trim; Meredith and Casey from Poppin, a company that designs and sells unique office supplies; and representatives from architectural firms such as Li/Saltszman Architects and Long Island City neighbor Nomad Architecture. We were happy to have individual donors as well, such as our dear friend and wonderful pillow designer Arabelle Taggert, who brought along her friend Myra Hines of the textile industry.

In addition, we had David, Krishna, and Beth join us from Columbia University. These students are working towards their Master of Science in Strategic Communications, and they had many questions for our donors. We learned that the number one reason our guests donate to MFTA is that they hate to see usable items go to waste. Though supporting the arts community, receiving a letter for tax purposes, and getting thank you letters from our recipients are all added bonuses, the main reason we have wonderful donors is because these individuals and businesses wish to divert items from the landfill. Our donors understand the importance of reuse and the consequences of waste.

Thank you again to all of our attendees. We will be hosting these Lunch & Learns every month, so if you are a donor or a perspective donor who wishes to join us, please send us an e-mail. We would love to meet more of our current and future partners face to face.

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