WasteDiversions Preview: Fashion Re/Action

"Wearables and Costumes" (2010-11) collaboration led by Michael DiPietro of MFTA recipient Culture Push. Exhibited at MFTA Gallery for WasteDiversions, through October 4, 2012.

Many of the works in WasteDiversions were created through collaboration, from  large-scale collage and assemblage made during Friends of MFTA’s open studio program, to today’s preview, Wearables and Costumes, from MFTA recipient Culture Push.  These works were created during Culture Push’s annual Fashion Re/Action Festival, founded and directed by Michael DiPietro.

The collaborative creation of a quilt, led by Michael DiPietro and Rachel Schragis, during the 2011 Fashion Re/Action Festival. The quilt is exhibited at MFTA Gallery for Waste Diversions, through October 4, 2012. Image courtesy Culture Push's Flickr stream, used under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

DiPietro describes Fashion Re/Action as

A totally free, interdisciplinary program that investigates creative reuse of discarded materials. The program pushes the workshop format into the realms of process art and social sculpture. Events are more than skill-sharing or craft instruction, but fuse these educational goals with performance propositions. We invite our participants to trade work in progress; create interactive garments for multiple wearers; and create handcrafts while discussing social issues.

We are thrilled to present work from the Fashion Re/Action festivals, which so closely share the mission of MFTA, during WasteDiversions.

Opening Reception

Please join us at MFTA for the opening reception Thursday, March 29, 6-9 pm, featuring a performance by Ian M. Colletti of Vaudeville Park.

This reception is free and open to the public. Guests may RSVP here.

WasteDiversions: Sculpture and Collage from New York’s Waste Stream, an exhibition of new work by artists from MFTA recipients Culture Push and Vaudeville Park, as well as participants in Friends of MFTA’s open studio program, is on view at MFTA Gallery from March 29 to October 4, 2012.


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