An amazing group of volunteers from The Lukens Company

Volunteers from The Lukens Company celebrate after a hard day's work at MFTA.

A few words from Harriet Taub, Executive Director of MFTA, on a special volunteer group last week:

We had a wonderful and productive past week at Materials for the Arts! The Lukens Company, a creative marketing firm with offices in both California and Virginia, spent some time here on Wednesday and Thursday.  They work with both nonprofits and political clients on integrated marketing and creative messaging.  In honor of their 25th anniversary they decided to spend some time bringing together staff from both coasts to work with selected non-profits on a volunteering project. MFTA was the lucky recipient of The Lukens Company when they came together to volunteer in NYC. Check out their great work–and a special surprise–after the jump!

Volunteers from The Lukens Company repairing MFTA's canvas bins.

You can see by the photos that the group worked very hard on a variety of projects, including fixing the wheels on our canvas bins and laying new tile in our classroom and conference room.

The Lukens Company volunteers replaced warped tiles in the MFTA studio classroom.

While working with Joel in the warehouse they realized that we could use some tools and supplies to make their volunteering work a little easier. They surprised us by taking us on a shopping spree at Home Depot where they paid for lots of useful tools and supplies.  Usually people come to MFTA for a shopping spree but the tables were pleasantly turned on Wednesday.

A generous gift to top off The Lukens Company's generous volunteer service to MFTA!

On Thursday after a breakfast of toasted bagels and coffee cake from Carlo’s Bakery, we all posed for a photo when they handed us a check for $2,500. We are thrilled to have been chosen to be their beneficiary, and are happy to have added Hilary, Holly, Ray, Mike, and Heather from Lukens, and Lukens clients Cheryl, Carrie, and Aaron to our MFTA family.


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3 Responses to An amazing group of volunteers from The Lukens Company

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Harriet! Our volunteers had a fantastic time and we all feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn more about MFTA’s work.

  2. Judith says:

    What is such an inspiring story!!!!! “When the givers are given to.” Lukens Company made such a statement on the work MFA does by empowering and recognizing MFA workers and warehouse! So many schools, non-profit organizations and struggling artists have benefited by the largess of the MFA; so when Lukens’ volunteers reach out to recognize the vehicle of the MFA it is fantastic. It benefits us all. Thanks you so much Lukens Compay! Harriet, you must have been so happy. You and your staff deserve it. Judith Dahill, Librarian High School of Fashion Industries.

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