“I have a bird in spring”

Detail from "Two Humming Birds: 'Copper-tailed Amazili,'" (ca. 1865-1875) by Martin Johnson Heade. Oil on canvas. Collection of MFTA recipient Brooklyn Museum.

With a forecast high of 81 degrees, spring may have come and gone already! Rest assured, MFTA will keep tweeting like a bird in spring all season long…

A Keith Haring exhibition opened at the Brooklyn Museum last week. The exhibition shows the artist’s extraordinary sumi ink paintings, subway chalk drawings, ephemera, as well as his first video Painting Myself into a Corner, which  records Haring painting “rhythmically to the pulsating beat of the band Devo, whose music becomes the soundtrack to the video.” The Haring show, especially the subway drawings will be covered soon on this blog, but for today we take blogging inspiration from another Pennsylvania native turned New Yorker: Martin Johnson Heade an artist who moved to New York from Pennsylvania in 1859, then took to the actual jungles of South America  a century before Haring took to New York’s urban jungle.

Science teachers who took our P credit course, Paper: From Pulp to Fiction, were inspired by Heade’s adventures documenting nature, especially his more intimate paintings of birds and flowers. One teacher, creatively reusing only MFTA supplies created these silkscreen prints will encourage students to develop the observational skills science requires. Check out the prints, and more information on our PD course, Paper, which starts on Saturday, April 21th, after the jump.

Paper: From Pulp to Fiction

Earn 3 “P” Credits | Learn to Link Art-making and the Common Core

Learn how items from the recycling bin and free supplies from Materials for the Arts can be creatively reused for engaging lessons in all content areas. During this multi-session course, teachers focus on developing hands-on, Common Core-aligned lesson plans for their students. Participants learn to creatively reuse a variety of (often free) supplies for papermaking, pen and ink, block prints, silkscreen, and collage.
-Joy Suarez, instructor

Paper: From Pulp to Fiction meets from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm                                                           for six Saturday sessions at MFTA:

4/21/12, 4/28/12, 5/5/12, 5/12/12, 5/19/12, and 5/26/12

Upon successful completion of this course, DOE staff earn three “P” In-service credits, for professional certification and salary differential requirements (+30), from NYCDOE After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP). To enroll for “P” In-service credit, visit ASPDP online:


Total cost $425 (MFTA fee, $300 + ASPDP fee, $125)

To audit Paper as a noncredit participant, or for more information, call 718-729-2165.

Subway: N to 39th Avenue or R to 36th Street, Queens

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