Can trash be therapeutic? Absolutely!

Yesterday students in School of Visual Arts’ art therapy graduate program visited MFTA for a tour and workshop. The students were exposed to MFTA’s particular brand of art making, which incorporates both items from our warehouse and supplies collected from recycling bins. After seeing examples of this kind of art in MFTA Gallery, and looking at the types of materials that are available in the warehouse, students headed to the studio to try their hand at creative reuse. See more pictures and learn a bit about art therapy after the jump.

The SVA website describes art therapy as

a specialized way of using the power of the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self-expression, and personal development. It is a method of treatment in which art and psychology are uniquely combined to explore the problems and potentials of individuals. Art is a powerful form of communication and a special language for expressing emotions. Through the use of therapeutic art experiences, physical, emotional, and learning skills can be developed. This innovative profession provides valuable contributions to the care of people living with psychological and physical challenges.

Art therapy provides such valuable support for patients, and we are pleased to play a small role in training the next generation of therapists. We hope to have inspired both therapists and their future patients to reconsider their waste, reducing the amount they throw away and increasing their reuse of materials both for creative and practical purposes.

The Education Center at MFTA offers professional development workshops for all kinds of educators and social service providers, click here for more information.

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  1. Taqleed Fatima says:

    very good

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