Art of Reuse: Spring professional development workshop series

This spring at MFTA, learn to creatively reuse items from your recycling bin to make extraordinary art projects! While open to the public, the Art of Reuse workshop series is especially designed for community-based educators: After school providers, social service workers, art therapists, and parent coordinators will share experiences while learning new techniques for creatively reusing MFTA supplies. Participants affiliated with MFTA recipients will be able to gather supplies from the warehouse immediately following the workshop. Participants can enroll in the complete series for only $40-a more than $30 savings off the single workshop fees! Also of note: workshops are FREE for DOE parent coordinators and arts liaisons. Check out the schedule, registration information, and more pictures, after the jump.


Art Projects for Earth Day

Tuesday, March 27, 10am – 12:30pm

Learn how recyclables, coat hangers,
and other household items can be
creatively reused to make sculptures.





Tuesday, April 24, 10am – 12:30pm

Creatively reuse envelopes, file folders,
and wall paper to create handmade art
books and journals.





Papermaking and Collage

Tuesday, May 22, 10am – 12:30pm

A creative reuse project for your junk
mail: Learn to make handmade paper
and explore the art of collage.





Printmaking Stamps and Stencils

Tuesday, June 12, 10am – 12:30pm

Learn the basics of printmaking using
common hardware items you can find
around the house.



SINGLE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION: Click the links above to sign up for single workshops online; the fee for a single workshop is $18.

WORKSHOP SERIES REGISTRATION (DISCOUNT!): Click here to enroll in all four workshops as a 10-hour professional development series, the series fee is $40, a $32 discount!


To enroll as a DOE parent coordinator or arts liaison follow the instructions below:

Contact with

  • The workshop you wish to attend
  • Your name and your phone number
  • School name and DBN
  • Principal’s name and principal’s email address

If space is available, parent coordinators and arts liaisons will receive an email confirming their enrollment in the workshop.

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2 Responses to Art of Reuse: Spring professional development workshop series

  1. Drew Kail says:

    Creative reuse is so important. There are enough materials in the world already, and many of them cannot be recycled in most communities. I wish you a great turnout and happy making!

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