A glimpse into different lives with The Superintendent’s Keys

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During drop off hours last week, one individual came and donated materials he had previously received from MFTA, as well as other items he had collected. David came to the warehouse last year for a project with Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and as the project is over, he decided to give back to MFTA. He used fabric, paper, a stuffed Chihuahua, mannequins, furniture, and decorations to transform NYU Broadway Windows last spring. The installation, The Superintendent’s Keys, offered viewers a glimpse inside rooms opened by keys left by a theoretical super. The visuals came out great, and the introduction that accompanies them is also wonderful. Here’s a small excerpt:

As an object, the key chain is gorgeous, bulging with access, bulging with excess. Each key finds more to interest you. Each key overwhelms your curiosity. You are an inventor, discovery at every step of the way. There is nothing that is familiar to you any more. Everything is new and your curiosity is at the boiling point. There is no cooling it down. You are overflowing with curiosity as the key chain is overflowing with an excess of access to that which is curious. You cannot stop solving the mystery. You cannot believe there is an end to your pleasure. So you begin. Where do you begin? You begin here, right here.

You can view the other photos from the exhibit and read the whole introduction here.

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