Hole in the box

Carly from Hole in the Sky sent over this great photo showing a piece from their most recent production, THE RUB. This production was developed in a residency at fellow recipient Magic Futurebox in Brooklyn. Conceived and directed by Nessa Norich, THE RUB is a surreal and playful investigation of the frustration, anxiety, passion, complacency, self-doubt, delusion, isolation, and desire that come with being heirs to a state rotting from the inside out. The production recognizes Shakespeare’s characters as archetypes that we identify in our society today—the ruthless politician, the single mother fighting for her son’s place in the world, the well-meaning corrupted child, and us, the heirs of a world, for better or worse, to be handed over in the decade to come. A new interpretation of this well-known tragedy is brought out instinctively through improvisation and reflection on everyday life.

Sounds (and looks) amazing! For the production, both organizations came to MFTA and found fabric, mannequin parts, prop chains, spoons, and other interesting items. Magic Futurebox was also able to find over twenty rolls of marley flooring to use in their space in future productions. Both groups are regulars in the warehouse, and they’re always a pleasure to have. For upcoming events from Hole in the Sky, check here, and for work from Magic Futurebox, look for updates on their website.

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