Updates from one SPARC artist

Gail Sharbaan, who has previously sent in work, sent in more work she has been doing using materials from the warehouse. Above, you can see the workshops she has been doing with elders at the Sister Annunicata Bethel Senior Center in the Bronx. Using beads, fabric, trim, and craft items, she has been active in the SPARC program, which links artists and seniors in New York City. In her own words, she and the seniors “have spent numerous hours creating original designs and having fun.” Aside from necklaces and other jewelry, she has been working with seniors to create other works of inter-generational art. These artworks are mixed medium pieces using different items acquired through MFTA. Here is a sneak peak: 

These works will culminate this April in a multi-generational art show. Stay tuned for details.

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