From Bushwick to Cambridge

Rachel Wynne from expandance shared photos of their most recent performance of Rock Om in Cambridge, MA. The piece was made over 14 months in Bushwick, and will once again be shown in New York this summer. The company came in for the first time one month ago, and already they’ve used fabric from the warehouse for costumes, as well as trim and miscellaneous office supplies. I’m happy to see they’ve wasted no time putting these supplies to use. Rock Om features choreography by Rachel Wynne, original music by Frank Sptiznagel, costume design by J.B. Miller, and lighting design by Joan Racho-Jansen. The dancers for the piece are Matthew Cichon, Erica Frankel, Clare Cook, Krista Racho-Jansen, and Rachel Wynne. Be sure to check back on this page for upcoming performances in New York.

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