How to: Cards from cards

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Here is how to turn your old cards from the holiday season into a new Valentine’s Day card. You will need:

8 used cards (it helps to pick ones in a similar color palate)
Glue stick
String (about 1 foot is good)

If your cards are folded like mine were, cut off the back panel leaving only the front half. Fold this piece in half and trace a heart shape. Cut out the heart. It’s ok if the image is sideways or crooked. 

Using this shape as a template, trace and cut out your remaining seven cards.

Using your glue stick, cover half of one card with glue. Select another card and do the same. Now glue these two halves together.

Keep glueing the halves together until you only have one section not glued. You may have to trim the edges if the hearts don’t line up perfectly.

Lay your string between the last two unglued halves. Glue these together.

That’s it! You can use a sharpie to write a message on each panel or give the card to your valentine as is. Display and enjoy!

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