The Art Neighborhood: an art installation about neighborhood in our neighborhood

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Lisa Marie Ludwig sent over some photos of work she is doing at UnCanny Valley, a neighbor of ours located at 26-09 Jackson Avenue, right here in Long Island City. The work, sponsored by Chashama is called The Art Neighborhood and it opens this Friday, February 10, at 7pm. Lisa sent over this description of the piece:

My Art Neighborhood is a micro installation of a shanty town that allows you to place yourself into a community of sculptures. This living portrait continues to grow through out the duration of time. The action figures are made during workshops I run in house, at schools, and with the community. The action figure is then placed in the town which is made up of found objects, recycled cardboard boxes, and materials.

The Art Neighborhood is about building our own as a community. It is inspired by the displacement of wealth and how it has affected people lives and living conditions.

I’m glad many of the found pieces come from MFTA, as part of our goal is to better the community not only in the New York art world, but in all of NYC. I hope The Art Neighborhood will one day include an MFTA, because in a perfect world there would be many of us. If you would like to become involved and make your own figure, you can contact Lisa through the website for the installation.

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