TEACHERS: Use art to teach the Common Core, MFTA’s PD course starts February 10!

Seth Addai of IAHD creates a mosaic from MFTA supplies

All public school teachers in New York City are eligible to visit our warehouse and receive free MFTA supplies for their classrooms. While these supplies may not be conventional art materials, they can be used to create low-cost, engaging lessons in the classroom. For example, a lesson on mosaics can be put together entirely with MFTA supplies and regular glue from the school’s supply closet. Making mosaics is a wonderful, hands-on way to introduce students to concepts of measurement and geometry and can link to Common Core mathematics standards, especially in the early elementary grades. TEACHERS: Find out how to bring engaging art projects into your classroom and earn “P” In-service credits in our upcoming PD course, Creative Infusion. There’s more information, and another project idea, after the jump.

Household items, like these pie tins are a great way to help students visualize fractions.

Creative Infusion

Learn how items from the recycling bin and free supplies from Materials for the Arts can be
creatively reused for engaging lessons in all content areas. During this multi-session course,
teachers focus on developing hands-on, Common Core-aligned lesson plans for their
students. Participants gain techniques for creatively reusing a variety of (often free) supplies to make books, games, hats, masks, costumes, and puppets. -Joy Suarez, instructor

The course meets from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm for six Saturday sessions at MFTA:
2/11/12, 2/18/12, 3/3/12, 3/10/12, 3/17/12, & 3/24/12
Upon successful completion of the course, teachers earn three “P” In-service credits, for
professional certification and salary differential requirements (+30), from NYCDOE After
School Professional Development Program (ASPDP). To enroll for “P” In-service credit, visit ASPDP online: http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/aspdp. To enroll as a noncredit participant, and waive the ASPDP fee, click here.

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