Announcing a partnership with Red Fern Theatre Company

We are pleased to once again partner with recipient Red Fern Theatre Company for their current show, Created Equal. The company has recently found a home at the 14th Street Y, which has just made a commitment to being a green theater. They recycle all their unusable materials and keep lumber, set pieces, and costumes for future renters. Between MFTA and the stock at the theater, the company is able to keep costs to a minimum, and feature a large amount of reused items in their productions. Previously we partnered with Red Fern on their project +30 NYC, which took almost all of its set from MFTA, and we are happy to partner with them again. It’s wonderful to see an organization so committed to the environment and to reuse.

Created Equal features six one act productions centered around issues of equality within the landscape of the 2012 election season. The shows are What the Wall Does; America, You Kill Me; Occupied; Pull!; Equal Time; and Lex Before MarriageTickets are available through their calendar, and part of the proceeds go to support Friends of Materials for the Arts, the nonprofit sister organization to MFTA. The show runs through February 12.

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