Reuse inspiration with Hudson High School

One attendee presents her work to fellow staff.

Materials For The Arts helped build and energize the arts at Hudson High School by teaching an all-staff training in creative reuse techniques this past Monday. MFTA teaching artists showcased many reuse art project ideas and trained teachers about the NYC Arts Blueprint as well as taught them how to integrate the arts into the regular curriculum and the Common Core. By also teaching them how they can afford the supplies for project-based learning by reusing materials around the school and at MFTA, teachers found that art-integrated learning is a meaningful possibility for their classroom. At the end of the PD, teachers discussed ideas for future creative reuse approaches they can use that will continue to build the presence and value of the arts at Hudson High. Some ideas include using books for student reports, creating notebooks from envelopes and other materials, and reusing unneeded items to make display models for different subjects from social studies to mathematics.

The staff development workshop Artistic Reuse to the (Common) Core teaches staff how to inspire students on a shoestring budget by integrating art projects made from free and readily-available materials into into Math, Science, and E.L.A. including the Common Core Standards and the Children First priorities. Teachers will leave the workshop with a fresh look at how to set up a functional reuse/recycle classroom, and will have plenty of studio time to work with materials and everyone leaves with prototypes to take back to their classes. We’re happy that Hudson High School took the time to learn about incorporating creative reuse into their curriculum.

If you would like to sign your staff up for a PD workshop, call the Education Center at MFTA at 718-729-2165 or email

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