Catch a Sickness at The Flea Theater

There’s more exciting work from The Flea Theater, whose current production, These Seven Sicknesses, runs through February 19. In the work, Sophocles’ seven surviving plays – Oedipus, In Trachis, Philoktetes, In Colonus, Ajax, Elektra, and Antigone – combine with music and food to create a stunning portrait of the human condition, where the intermingling of chance and fate yields disquieting results. A witty and relevant interpretation of the classics, These Seven Sicknesses is an epic examination of the past and a window on the present. Penn sent over some of the rehearsal photos, which show quite a bit of emotion, though even more emotional is the first of seven trailers for the production:

Definitely looks intense, and it is sure to be filled with excitement. Tickets include a (vegan!) meal, and are on sale via their calendar.

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