Queens Vocational High School recycling team gets creative with reuse

This student used a dismembered snowman's head in her commentary on the lack of snow in New York City this winter

Last Friday the recycling team from Queens Vocational and Technical High School visited MFTA to learn about art and reuse.  Before their warehouse tour, we discussed how both visual artists and musicians reuse ideas, sounds, and objects in their work–the students thought of Andy Warhol and a couple of hip-hop pioneers from the Bronx. Back at school the students were thinking of ways to raise awareness about recycling, waste reduction, and reuse, and their trip to MFTA spurred lots of great ideas for getting fellow students excited. At MFTA the recycling team created sculptures which show how items thought of as waste can be reused as art and decided they will incorporate found objects into their awareness-raising campaign back at school. Check out their work after the jump.

A coffee can becomes the face of this totem-like sculpture

Another stuffed animal gets a new life--you can see his cowboy boots peeking through, they were found in the warehouse

A gold pinecone becomes hair for a cordial glass' face

A tennis ball and buttons were transformed in this sculpture

A mop of yarn becomes a messy hairstyle in this student's work

One of the arrows from the Victoria's Secret donations resurfaced in this student's work

This group visit was sponsored by TD Bank, through the TD Charitable Foundation. For more information on group visit programs at MFTA, including special discounts for Title I schools, click here.

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