Explore sound and dance at the Old American Can Factory

Charles from a canari torsi sent over some information about their upcoming show through Issue Project Room. The show, Five Performers Demonstrate a Field, is an investigation of how movement in a particular room affects a simple sound environment: specifically through Hemisphere speakers in the sanctum of the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn. a canary torsi was invited for a residency through ISSUE’s Floating Points Program. The residency is not meant to culminate in a production but rather to explore the blurring of the line between sound and movement and to bring those investigations to an audience.

In Charles’ own words, it “promises to be a thought provoking exploration of sound and dance.” In his recent visits he procured many tools, building materials, and craft items, and I’m intrigued as to how these will be incorporated into the exploration.  Tickets can be purchased here.

[UPDATED] Charles responded to my inquiry about the use of MFTA items for the show, and he provided me with this response: 

We used clip lights, bulbs, gaffers tape, and tons of fasteners from MFTA. I find on projects that the little things can add up to nasty budgetary surprises, so getting such things helps dramatically. Of course, the big donations help too, since they’re often completely out of budgetary capability.

That said, we are assiduous in reusing MFTA donations for every show. As one example, carpet squares we received 2 years ago are being reused for this production so we can seat people on the floor, since the performance will be in a  tight space.

It’s great to hear that organizations continue to reuse items from the warehouse for years, and I’m glad a little bit of MFTA can be part of countless productions.

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