Therapeutic threads from CCM

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Hekima from Community Counseling & Meditation sent over these photos from her weekly sewing therapy classes, with submissions by Meryl James, Patricia Hall, and Karen Brad. These works were created through CCM’s Georgia’s Place, a permanent supportive housing facility for homeless mentally ill, with a preference for the elderly. Comprised of 48 units, Georgia’s Place has been created to provide stabilization, medications, better health care, employment, and other services to assist mentally ill and low-income residents live an independent life.

I’m glad MFTA and its donors can support such a large range of organizations that touch an equally diverse number and type of New York City residents. From public artworks, to school projects, to gallery exhibitions, to in-house craft nights, people all over the City benefit from the creation of reuse art.

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  1. Plardandy says:

    Bravo, la risposta ideale.

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