Are you too old to jump in? MFTA’s take on playpens

A ball pit, photo by Flickr user mhaithaca

A couple of months ago, MFTA recipients were bombarded by these brightly colored orbs in the warehouse–almost like the streets of San Francisco were in this famous Bravia commercial, which you can see after the jump.

While we contemplated staging a massive ball drop from our balcony onto Northern Boulevard, we decided to take a more subdued tack, which looks more like Tom Otterness’s Life Underground installation in the 14th Street and 8th Avenue subway station than a Bravia commercial.

A robber baron gets busted for fare evasion! One of may thoughtfully installed sculptures in "Life Underground" (2001) by Tom Otterness. Bronze. 14th Street and 8th Avenue, MTA, Arts for Transit. Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

One of our dedicated volunteers, Sabu, used the playpen balls to create the sculpture below, which is reminiscent of the Otterness installation commissioned by MTA Arts for Transit, one of the best in the NYCT system. The MFTA sculpture, with his yellow hard hat, looks ready to head down and replace some track!

A sculpture by Sabu includes the playpen balls, buttons, trim, and American Eagle costume jewlery--all from the warehouse!

Teachers: Work in our studios and see where these unexpected materials will lead you. Enroll in our upcoming course, Creative Infusion: The Art of Reuse, and get the opportunity to work with colleagues and our teaching artists to develop art-integrated lessons for any instructional setting. NYCDOE employees may enroll in this course for “P” In-service credit, granted by the After School Professional Development Program, which can be applied for salary differential and professional certification requirements–registration for P credit opens January 10, 2012. To enroll as a non-credit participant, or for more information, click here.

An excellent interview with Otterness by Thirteen’s Sunday Arts program is available here.

Ball pit photo by Flickr user mhaithaca

Life Underground photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

All photographs used under Creative Commons license

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