Haitian Vodou from La Troupe Makandal

Photo by Shinji Takehara

Luis Wilcken of La Troupe Makandal sent over this epic picture of a past performance in Tokyo. Here, Makandal salutes the spirits at Sogetsu Hall. La Troupe Makandal captures the power of Haitian drumming to represent the spirit of Haiti’s history and culture in theaters and schools. Most of the company’s repertory derives from Vodou, the vibrant spirituality that African ancestors carried to Haiti. Here we can see fabric from the warehouse, and possibly more. The organization has been a member of MFTA for over 15 years, and we’re happy to have been able to support it for so long. I hope they continue coming to the warehouse, as my favorite part of shopping is seeing familiar faces and hearing about the great events going on around the City. The groups who come in put on an incredible range of cool, awesome work.

Photo by Tom Pich

Take for example this performance by La Troupe Makandal at Brooklyn’s South Oxford Street. How fun does that look? I wish I were there right now.

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