She Kills Monsters (with reused materials)

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Penn Genthner from Flea Theater sent over these photos of their current production, She Kills Monsters. The production follows Average Agnes as she finally leaves her childhood home following the death of her totally weird sister, Tilly. When she stumbles upon Tilly’s Dungeons & Dragons notebook, however, Agnes embarks on an action-packed adventure to discover more about her sister than she previously cared to know. A high-octane comedy fraught with hostile fairies, randy ogres, and ‘90s pop culture, She Kills Monsters is a heart-pounding homage to the badass (& geek) within us all.

As a nerd/lover of RPGs, this sounds and looks awesome, and the costumes are especially nice. Aside from fabric, The Flea has recently taken chairs, computers, binders, and other office items. It’s great that MFTA is able to support the administrations of arts nonprofits so the organization can instead focus on creating something great. Be sure to keep an eye on The Flea, whose upcoming performance, These Seven Sicknesses, begins January 19 and runs through February 12.

[All photos via The Flea and taken by Joan Marcus.]

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