We want to have a not-so-silent affair (with Flux Factory)

Detail of "Shrine" (2011) by Jesper Aabille and Georgia Muenster of Flux Factory. Exhibited at M.F.T.A. Gallery through February 29, 2012

Don’t you?

Flux Factory, an MFTA recipient and neighbor, is hosting their Not-So-Silent Annual Art Auction & Gala this Tuesday, December 20, at 7pm. Not only do we have the privilege of seeing Fluxers almost weekly at the warehouse, we have the pleasure of seeing their work daily in M.F.T.A. Gallery: For Creative Reuse in New York City, Jesper Aabille and Georgia Muenster created Shrine, which venerates creative reuse and, notably, offers a found church pew for contemplation before venturing into the jungle that is MFTA’s warehouse. Anyway, back to the affair…

"Arrows" (2011) by Fredericks & Mae. Wood, thread, pigment, feathers, gold, and silver. Offered at auction to benefit Flux Factory.

Flux Factory has an auction website, where you can preview what’s offered and submit early bids, and as MFTA, we’re coveting the sculpture and mixed-media work. Arrows, by Fredericks & Mae and Bullhorn by Kristian Kozul are standouts in sculpture.

"Thread Worn Wanderers" (2011) by Ben Wolf and Heidi Tullman. Paint, found metal, wood, fabric and paper. Offered at auction to benefit Flux Factory.

In mixed-media, Ben Wolf and Heidi Tullman’s Thread Worn Wanderers is irresistible as is Miwa Koizumi’s PET Project.

PET Project (2006-2010) by Miwa Koizumi. Plastic water bottles, glass dome. Offered at auction to benefit Flux Factory.

Auction and Gala Details

Date: Tuesday, December 20th, 7 pm – 10 pm

Location: Center 548: 548 West 22nd Street, Chelsea, NY

Time: Doors open at 7 pm, with silent bidding until 10 pm

We are so proud that Flux Factory is an MFTA recipient and hope that art lovers and supporters of creative reuse can place their bids, get some dynamic art, and support this vital organization for emerging artists.

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